The Committee

Meet the team of volunteers who help run the football club. Led by Ramsin Oraham who started his journey at the club at a young age, playing for them at youth level. Fairfield Bulls Football Club at its Annual General meeting held on 5th of December 2021 elected the following committee for the upcoming 2022 season:

Executive Board 

President: Ramsin Oraham

Vice President: Danny Kako

Sporting Director (Head Coach): Ashur Bekana

Secretary: Sargon Hassdo

Registrar: Helena Aziz

Treasurer: Sandy Warda

Convenor: Ninos Arkhiom


Assistant Treasurer: George Danyal

Youth Head Coach: Ronny Barota

Equipment Manager: Mathew Khouchaba

Merchandise Manager: David Yalda

Media Officer: George Chemuel

Facility/Canteen Manager: Sargon Aziz

Sub-Committee Assyrian Cup/50 Year Anniversary

Co-ordinator: Ashoor Nona


Technical Director: Leo Carle

Club Advisor/s: Ashoor Nona

Legal Advisor: Andi Warda